Criminology Department

The Criminology Department of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava is the sole department of criminology within the university education in the Slovak Republic.

In the pedagogical process, it specialises in the university education of compulsory subjects of Criminology, the teaching of which is provided in the accredited study programmes Protection of Persons and Property and Security Services in Public Administration.

The main focus of the subjects is aimed at resolving of the theoretical and applied issues of criminology, as their understanding is essential for the progress in the study at the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava. In addition to teaching compulsory subjects of Criminology, the department specialises in criminological scientific research and criminological forecasting with an emphasis on crime prevention and teaching other compulsory optional subjects that contribute to the overall specialisation of the graduates. The primary role of the education is to provide the students with sufficient information effectively and comprehensively so that they acquire detailed knowledge in the field of criminology as well as such as the subjects relating to Criminology, such as Penology. 

The department cooperates with several departments of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, with the Department of Criminology of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic and other universities in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.


[department{Katedra kriminológie}]