Criminalistics and Forensic Science Department

The Department began its teaching activity with an emphasis on the preparation of experts in the field of criminalistics for security and police services in 1992 under the name Department of Criminalistics and Forensic Disciplines. The educational objectives of the department are aimed at basic theoretical knowledge and skills following from knowledge of the current state of science, in particular criminalistics and selected forensic sciences.

The basis of the scientific-theoretical and popularisation activities of the department is the presentation of its own scientific research activities and results of international cooperation at foreign and domestic conferences. In the planning of international conferences, and professional events, but especially in the planning of scientific activities, the department cooperates with the police practice and security forces, as well as educational institutions in the Slovak Republic and abroad. The closest cooperation takes place with criminalistics departments in the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine. The department has organised several important international conferences, including major criminalistics congresses, and its members actively participate in many scientific criminalistics and security conferences, especially at universities abroad.

The scientific and pedagogical employees regularly prepare textbooks for students of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava and develop scientific issues in the fields of criminalistics and forensic sciences in scientific monographs and periodicals.


[department{Katedra kriminalistiky a forenzných vied}]