International co-operation

The aim of international co-operation is to ensure transfer of latest scientific knowledge into the training of police officers and other security services specialists. Subsequent to Slovak membership in EU, the Academy is obliged to provide police training in compliance with the Stockholm Convention, which defines basic directions of unified training of police officers. At international level, the Academy develops active international contacts and co-operation with partner universities and research institutions in all spheres of activities. The Academy coordinates and guarantees international activities in the area of continuing education of senior police officers in the framework of international training programmes. Basically, international training activities fall under the European Police University (CEPOL), Middle-European Police Academy (MEPA) and FRONTEX agency.



International activities are executed on the basis of bilateral and intergovernmental agreements, governmental contracting documents and on the basis of the international programme ERASMUS. 

Department of Foreign Relations of the Academy is at the same time also a departmental working place of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic which ensures international training to police officers in terms of CEPOL.


The Academy of the Police Force as a member of CEPOL Governing Board participates in creation of the content, development and increasing in the quality of police training in EU.  The European Commission with CEPOL as its body designates the specialised police training as one of key preconditions for improvement of co-operation in the area of criminal matters in the European Union and emphasises the need for joint specialised training not only for the police, but also for other Member states authorities involved in law enforcement.

In the scientific area the international co-operation is realized by means of researchers’ mobility and via work on joint scientific-research projects and grants. At present, the Academy guarantees the content and organisation of two international projects focused on development of police sciences and crime prediction and prevention in the European region.

Development of the above-mentioned forms of international cooperation is the key area of activity which determines its further development and authorisation to provide university education. The Academy currently guarantees two permanent regular international seminars. The Academy organises many international colloquia, seminars, workshops and conferences.

 International co-operation has a special significance in the development of student scientific and research activity. International rounds of Students Scientific and Specialised Activity attract more and more attention and interest of students. It is the field which helps to improve the quality of provided training and is highly valued at an international level.

International co-operation in scientific education is realised in the form of inauguration and habilitation proceedings in the field of protection of people and property, doctorate defences, doctorate study and crediting international students´ research.

The Academy actively co-operates with foreign educational institutions such as Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Hochschule der Polizei (former Polizei- Fűhrungsakademie) Műnster in Germany, Rendőrtiszti Főiskola Budapest in Hungary, The Politieacademie (National institute for recruitment, selection and training of police officers) in the Netherlands, The University of Hull in Great Britain, etc..



The Academy is a member of the Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC) which ensures the development of police training according to Bologna requirements. The rector of the Academy is a member of the AEPC Executive Committee.