Science and Research

The key mission is to carry out research in the fields Protection of people and property and Security public administration services. The research outcomes efficiently support the modernization and quality of study in particular study fields. Research activities are mainly conducted at the level of scientific research, theory, publication and training.

Scientific research is considered a priority and is focused on tasks which would update scientific knowledge, working methods or raise theoretical and practical problems. Orientation of research is in harmony with the Academy´s Long-term Intent, conclusions of Scientific Board, development of research itself and inputs from the police and security work. Research activities tend to cover essential research topics specified in Long-term Intent such as: theory and methodology of policing, police force as an institution and organization, its position in the civil society, specific profession of a police officer, etiology, phenomenology, crime prediction and prevention, content, methodological and organizational problems in training of police officers and other civil servants, legal science in the police activities,  theory and methodology of crisis management in public administration and theoretical-practical issues related to optimalization of structure and functions of public administration. The most significant success in research is the establishment of Security Centre of Excellence in 2010. The project is financed from European structural funds through the Agency for the EU structural funds.

Research theory is based on research and operates in two directions: the first and decisive direction covers theoretical venues organized by the Academy units; the second one covers active participation of the Academy staff at theoretical events organized by other research, pedagogical either local or foreign institutions. Most research tasks are consistent with the content of conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops etc.

Publication activities – in line with copyright – cover study literature for students, scientific and advancement theses, and other specialized literature. They present the outcomes of practical and theoretical research in public. Annually, according to requirements of individual departments, the Academy publishes textbooks, monographs, coursebooks, booklets and bibliographies. A special category is a journal Police Theory and Practice which is issued four times a year and belongs among significant specialized journals.

Training activities refer to inauguration and habilitation ceremonies, doctorate study, rigorous study and students´ research. The Academy is entitled to grant scientific-pedagogical degrees, academic degrees and scientific-academic degrees which require a systematic research carried out at all levels – international, national and regional. Every year the Academy organizes international students´ research contest. Its main aim is to encourage talented students to join the research and thus facilitate intensive and efficient development of their personalities. While trained in basic research procedures, students obtain needed experience via handling the police and security concerns. Very often our students reach good results in representing the Academy at national students´ research conference.