Criminal Law Department

The Criminal Law Department carries out pedagogical activities for the students to acquire professional knowledge and skills in the field of substantive criminal law and procedural criminal law in line with the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as other generally binding legal regulations concerning the legal area. The main focus is on the set of information providing understanding and correct interpretation of the regulations relating to criminal liability as well as impunity, the imposition of penalties and sanctions as well as the merits of criminal offences listed in the Special Part of the Criminal Code. Within the field of criminal law, particular attention is also paid to understanding the conduct of law enforcement authorities and courts in dealing with specific criminal cases, from the filing of a criminal complaint up to the termination of the prosecution by issuing and enforcing of the relevant sentence. Subsequently, students of the Academy of the Police Force have the opportunity to extend their professional knowledge within subjects related to European criminal law as well as criminal law protection of the society against corruption, the content of which reflects the current needs of the society, as well as to the initiatives of the European Union with impact on the regulations of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

In addition to teaching in the accredited study programmes, the department also provides activities within the Specialised Police Study, which is intended for the police officers who have graduated from other universities or the Armed Forces Academy specialising in investigation and public order police.

For appropriate presentation of information on the subjects, the department has published several specialised textbooks on criminal law as part of its intensive publication activity.

The department annually organises a scientific conference on the topic of Current Issues of Criminal Law in Theory and Practice with a peer-reviewed proceedings as an output. The scientific conference aims to exchange and share expert knowledge in the field of criminal law.

Each year, the department participates in the meeting of the departments of Criminal Law of the Slovak and Czech Republic, to present basic information about the activities of the Criminal Law Department in the fields of scientific research, pedagogical experience and professional knowledge, as well as to inform about current issues and publications within the area of criminal law.


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