Social Sciences Department

The Department of Social Sciences provides general cultural, socio-scientific and humanities background for the further development of professional knowledge in the subsequent specialised, security and legal subjects in all three levels of university study. In addition to teaching applied philosophy, ethics, sociology, psychology, political science and social communication, the department guarantees three profile courses: Economics, Public Sector Finance and Economics and Methodology of Science. Apart from academic teaching, the department actively participates in Specialised Police Education, the University of the Third Age and teaching in supplementary pedagogical study. At present, its contribution to the implementation of the course on "Special interrogation rooms for child victims and particularly vulnerable victims of crime" is particularly significant. The members of the department engage not only in extensive research, pedagogical and publishing activities, but are also active in various important expert groups and commissions, e.g. the post-traumatic intervention team of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava, in the Expert Coordination Body for Combating Crime, in the group set up for the National Risk Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing under the authority of the Presidium of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic and cooperate with the Institute of Information Science and Statistics on the implementation of benchmarking to improve VAT collection in Slovakia.


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