Foreign Department

Foreign Department is the Academy workplace which provides the implementation of tasks arising from contractual relations of cooperation agreements between the Academy and foreign educational institutions, provides a comprehensive foreign missions and members of the Police Force and the adoption of foreign delegations organized by the staff of Academy, participates in the preparation and organization of training courses, seminars and professional conferences organized by the Academy, elaborate concept plans and foreign business and business trips and stays, provides planning and efficient use of financial resources in the area of ​​foreign relations and educational activities of the Academy, is cooperating with police training center of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and the police department units, provides in cooperation with the Foreign Language Department of Academy of Police Force in Bratislava education activities on the basis of the Memorandum about Cooperation between the Academy of Police Force in Bratislava and Frontex agency dated 4th May, 2006 in language training.




Head of Foreign Department:

pplk. MA. Ingrid Weissová
Telephone: 09610 57520
Mobil: 00421 905 350515


Department of  other international Police Cooperation


Department Staff


Mgr. Ivan BLAHO
Telephone: 09610 57295

npor. MA. Mária SLÁMOVÁ
Telephone: 09610 57345

Ing. Ivan Žabka - referent specialist
Telephone: 09610 57054



CEPOL National Unit


Head of Department

national e-net CEPOL manager
mjr. MA. Stanislav STRAKA
Telephone: 09610 57108


Department Staff

por. JUDr. Adriana Miklianová
Telephone: 09610 57528