Physical Education and Sports Department

The Department of Physical Education and Sports as one of the basic scientific and pedagogical workplaces of the Academy provides education in the subjects guaranteed by the Department in the Security Sciences field of study.

The Department focuses its education on activities created to meet the requirements of the police practice aimed at the development of mobility skills and professional command of shooting skills and service interventions.

The improvement of the specialised skills following the requirements of the application practice is provided by the Department by creating models of service training as part of the professional practical training of the students – cadets.    

In the scientific research area, the integrating platform for the department members is the concept of sport in terms of the European Sports Charter respecting the conclusions of the conference of ministers in charge of sports and physical education denoting the sports science the term of the 21st century and for this purpose suggested an umbrella term: Science of Sport (sports kinanthropology, sports educology, sports humanistics). The scientific and theoretical activity in terms of solving the current scientific and research tasks of the Department is aimed at the permanent transfer of scientific knowledge in order to optimise the educational process at the Academy of Police Force. An integral part of the scientific research activities of the members of the department is professional cooperation and active participation in specialised scientific seminars organised by the Slovak Association of University Sport, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, the National Sports Centre, physical education departments of other universities (both domestic and abroad) in cooperation with expert professionals from the police practice. The outputs of the research, scientific, pedagogical and professional activities are regularly published by the members of the department in both domestic and foreign scientific journals and proceedings. 

In cooperation with the Police Sports Club at the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, the department takes part in the preparation and provision of sports representation of the Academy.


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